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31st December- 3 January
No car and bicycle parking are available.
We accept the following credit cards: VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners.
  • Please be aware that our treatment is designed for the purpose of relaxation and relief from muscle stiffness, and is not a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis or treatment.
  • We are not very good at speaking English, but we will try our best to communicate with you.
  • Please book a reservation at least 24 hours in advance so that we have enough time to respond to your inquiry.

Nagomi’s Technique

Deep Muscle Approch

Our original massage technique is to approach the deep layers of muscles by applying deep continuous pressure.

In fact, kneading and rubbing with momentary pressure leads to damaging muscles and does not release muscles tension.

Deep muscle approch

Terms & Conditions

Please take time to read carefully through our terms & conditions.


Our treatment is designed for the purpose of relaxation and relief from muscle stiffness, and is not a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis or treatment.


The reservation must be made at least 24 hours before your massage session to secure your preferred time and date. If you arrive late your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. We will respond as soon as possible during business hours 11:00-21:00. Please wait for our confirmation email.


Cancellations and time changes must be made until 2 hours before your massage session to cancel without incurring any charges.


Please be aware that we are not very good at speaking English, but we will try our best to communicate. Therefore, we recommend using our online reservation form to make a booking without any miscommunication.


Some treatments cannot be performed in the second trimester of pregnancy is week 16 and before last month of pregnancy. Please inform us at the time of booking if you are pregnant.


All customers information will be safeguarded by Nagomi and will remain confidential. We will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent.

What to Expect on your Visit


We ask that you make your payment beforehand so that after your treatment, you can savour your tea undisturbed in serene relaxation.

The Intake Form

On your first visit, we will ask you to fill out a consultation form. You will be asked for information such as your name and where you would like the treatment to concentrate on.
On your second visit onwards, we will show you to your room, and ask for the necessary information after you have changed.

Getting Prepared

Your massage session will be performed in a private room. Your therapist will leave the room to allow you to change to comfortable massage clothes we prepare.
If you would like a glass of water, please inform one of our staff members at this point.


We hope you enjoy a blissful experience.
The sensation of “feeling good” is very beneficial for the body. We hope you experience deep relaxation through the sensation of touch.
The more comfortable you can receive the treatment, the more effective it will be for your body.
If the pressure is too strong to the point that you feel discomfort, please let us know so that we can adjust the pressure accordingly.
The soothing background music will also relax your auditory senses.

Refreshment After The Treatment

After the treatment, please enjoy a cup of Japanese tea at the reception. We serve “Genmai Tea” which is roasted brown rice tea.
At Nagomiya, we also serve “Matcha”, green tea, along with Japanese confectionery.

Thank you!

Our mission is to become like a second home to those suffering from stiffness; a place where you can spend a comfortable time while improving your lifestyle.
We would like to offer advices on what you can do in your everyday lifestyle until your next visit.
However, we will not urge you to make your next reservation.
Please come again whenever you feel is best for your body.
In addition, our staff members always enter the details of each individual’s treatment in a clinical record system, so that we can use it as reference on your next visit.


Payment Method

  1. Payments can be made by cash or credit.
  2. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners.


Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding the Treatment

Does it hurt?

We make sure to ask for the desired strength (strong enough, but not to the extent that you feel discomfort), so that you do not feel as though the treatment is “too painful.” If you feel that the strength of the massage is too painful to tolerate, please inform the therapist immediately. If you continue to tolerate the pain, it may result in muscle pain caused by excess massage.

I am worried about muscle pain caused by excessive massage.

At our salon, our technique consists of applying pressure at a straight angle, maintaining continuous pressure to the deep muscles, and slowly releasing pressure at the same angle. Because of this type of technique, there is little chance of injuring muscle fibers, and you will not feel any muscle pain afterwards. The kneading and rubbing technique in a typical massage may lead to muscle pain, so we do not practice such techniques for safety easons.

How long should I receive treatment?

It depends on the symptoms of each person, but we generally recommend a course of more than 60 minutes for first-time users. There is a significant difference between treating only part of the body as opposed to treating the entire body. The full body course will improve the body’s blood irculation and metabolism. By looking at the overall balance, we consider a course of at least 60 minutes to be the optimal length for starters.

Is there a difference between oil foot and reflexology?

Yes, at our salon we massage the soles of the feet, but we do not adopt the idea of reflex points on the feet. In order to alleviate fatigue and swelling of the feet, we apply pressure directly to the feet. We do not stimulate pressure points on the feet to alleviate shoulder stiffness, for example. Instead, if your shoulders are stiff, we recommend the body course. Rather than adopting the idea of reflex points, we believe that if there is a stiff area, treating that area directly will help to alleviate the pain.

Can I get a massage even if I am pregnant?

If you are in the stable period (more than 5 months after pregnancy and before the last month of pregnancy), then there is no problem. We will perform the treatment in the sideways position and facing up, so that you are in a comfortable position. During pregnancy, the lower back tends to become very stiff, so this treatment will be very effective. It is also effective for swelling of the feet.

Maternity course »
Maternity oil foot course »

It’s my first time getting a massage, so I’m not sure what is a good pressure.

Generally, we consider a “comfortable pain” to be the optimal pressure. There are some people who think that a massage must be painful to be effective, but this may result in injuring the muscle fibers. The therapist will apply pressure to your muscles and ask you, “Is this pressure O.K.?” Since there are individual difference as to how one feels pain, please make sure to inform the therapist if the pressure is too painful. You may also request the strength of the massage at any time during the treatment.

I do not want “pressure,” instead I want to be “massaged”.

Unfortunately, we cannot meet your request. This is because our technique involves slowly applying pressure to loosen the deepest layers of the muscles without damaging the muscles themselves. This cannot be done in the “kneading/rubbing” technique used in the typical massage.
In addition, we are trained in the technique of “deep muscle approach,” which is a shiatsu-based massage technique. Since we are highly trained in this technique, we are confident in our ability to “apply pressure,” but we are not trained to “massage,” so we do not practice such methods. To give an example, a Chinese restaurant that serves mediocre Poêle (a French cuisine) should instead be serving an exceptional Mabo tofu.

Other Questions

Is there a change of clothes?

Yes, we prepare a long-sleeve T-shirt and sweatpants. Of course, you may also bring your own set of clothing, or remain in your regular clothing. However, please understand that we may ask you to change if it is too difficult to treat in your regular clothing.

Can I come without making a reservation?

Of course. However, please understand that we may not have an availability, so making a reservation in advance would be more certain. Weekends tend to be particularly busy.

Could I request a male (female) therapist?

Yes, but it would be in the form of a staff reservation, so it will cost a staff reservation fee (550yen). This applies in the case of Male → Male staff, Male → Female staff, Female → Female staff, Female → Male staff. Also, if you would like anyone but a certain staff, this would also cost a staff reservation fee. The reason we do this is because a certain staff would be bound at a specific time frame, thus we would not be able to fill reservations at the maximum efficiency, so please consider it a compensation fee.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes. We accept Visa, Master, and JCB.

Do I need a health insurance card?

No, it is not necessary.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, but it cannot be used as a medical treatment fee. Instead, it will be in the form of “Seitai treatment fee.”

Is there a parking lot?

No, we do not have a parking lot, but there are coin parking lots in the vicinity. Please check the access page for further information.

Can I go after drinking alcohol?

No, we ask that you please refrain from consuming alcohol before getting a massage. If alcohol is consumed, it may lead to a medical accident. Please come after you have sobered up.

Should I leave a tip?

No, a tip is not necessary. We strive to provide the best service possible at all times.

Customers Voice

  • very good! Thank you very much. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and family! Arigato!


  • This is Frist Time I Try Japanesemassage.Feel good and so Relax . very satisfied


  • i liked the special clothes. the atmosphere. the foot towel wash-very good


  • Good amount of pressure-not too hard not to soft. Works on sides of bodynot just front and baackside.


  • The stretches were excellent.


  • Very good at pressurepoints.



  • Please be aware that our treatment is designed for the purpose of relaxation and relief from muscle stiffness, and is not a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis or treatment.
  • We are not very good at speaking English, but we will try our best to communicate with you.
  • Please book a reservation at least 24 hours in advance so that we have enough time to respond to your inquiry.
  • Name of Representative

  • Email address

  • Number of People

  • Preferred Date #1



  • Preferred Date #2



  • Course Option

  • Duration

  • Requesting a Female/Male Therapist

To book treatment must be 24 hrs. before reservation.
We will send you confirmation email.



ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-6264-2024「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら03-6264-2026


ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-6447-1238「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら03-6447-2991


ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-5246-4395「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら03-5246-4396


ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-3992-1555「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら050-7539-8398


ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-6794-2002「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら03-6794-2001


ネットで予約 お電話で予約03-6915-8311「初回割引」をご希望の方はその旨お申し出ください。 営業・取材等の方はこちら03-6915-8311

Our original technique is a simple and safe approach to the deep layers of the muscles and eases tension and makes you smile.

At Ekoda salon we welcome you with fresh flora and fauna of the seasons.

Traditional Japanese decor and soothing jazz music create a relaxing atmosphere.

It is a modern and peaceful private room in Omotesando salon.

Our philosophy is to provide courteous service, superior massage skills, and welcoming space with desirable services.

Upon arrival you will be asked to fill out an intake form to record any relevant medical history, injuries or physical conditions we should be aware of.

The Omotesando salon has a reputation for it’s spacious yet cosy luxury ryokan like V.I.P. room.

The Body & Head course is one of our most popular course offerings.

Indirect lighting creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

The reception area has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The Oil Foot course attends to the lower legs and feet, providing effective relief for tired feet.

This is our logo, which represents the “Sanpo-yoshi” philosophy, fundamental principle that commerce should benefit the buyer, the seller, and also the society.

Our Asakusa salon has a calm and relaxing atmosphere achieved through ambient lighting and louvers.

The relaxation lounge and reception area at the Ginza salon.

This unique decollating shelve at the Ekoda salon has been there for nearly 14 years since it’s opening.

Amenities such as cotton swabs, hair combs, hair ties, tissues, hot towels, and mobile phone chargers are available in the treatment areas at each salon.

Restroom at the Ginza salon.

At Nagomiya in Omotesando, Ginza and Asakusa, we serve “Genmai Tea”, roasted brown rice tea, and “Matcha”, green tea, along with traditional Japanese confectionery.

We use pleasing Horikawa incense from Shoyeido store in Kyoto.

At the Nerima salon, the treatment area is divided discreetly with curtains.

The reception at Nagomiya features a simple decor to accentuate the warm atmosphere.